Gatherly ( is a fast-growing spatial video chat platform. Our goal is to enable online events that are truly engaging and enjoyable for both hosts and attendees.

With Gatherly, hosts can create 100% customized event spaces for attendees to interact in. They have all the tools they need to run a full-fledged event, from keynote to breakouts, and, for attendees, we've built an easy-to-grasp interface so they can focus on the most important part of events: the people.

Gatherly started in March of 2020, and since then we've:

  • Launched our full-featured online events platform
  • Earned our first $1 million in revenue from customers
  • Hosted 5000+ events and counting
  • Assembled a team of top tier team members, investors, and advisors to help us build the future of virtual interactions

Try it for yourself here:

💖 Gatherly offers a(n):

  • 100% remote workplace with a flexible, results-oriented culture
  • Opportunity to take ownership of solving interesting design and engineering problems
  • Chance to see users interact with what you've built on a very quick feedback loop
  • Team of world-class engineers who care about building a strong team and doing things well
  • Competitive compensation ($85k - $135k annual salary, stock options, benefits)

🛠 Responsibilities

  • Work with all parts of the team to brainstorm, scope, design, and build full stack features
  • Deliver a top notch virtual events experience to our users by improving reliability and infrastructure
  • Make you and your team's life easier with developer experience improvements (we have an internal helper cli!)
  • Contribute to a quality-focused culture with iteration on and automation of testing, QA, deployment, monitoring, etc.
  • Performing on-going security testing and code review to improve software security (we are SOC 2 Type 2 certified)

✅ Qualifications

  • 1+ years of full-time software engineering experience
  • Experience creating and maintaining web apps
  • Javascript, React, and Node.js experience is a plus, AWS experience highly preferred
  • Startup experience is a plus
  • Interest in security is a plus
  • Interest in networks is a plus

Note: This role is entirely remote. You are free to set your working hours as you see fit, but you will be expected to dedicate full time hours. Job offers are contingent on the results of a background check.